Tuesday, 18 February 2014

pre- Round Hull Run (RHR) update

My plan is to go ahead with my planned 43 mile or so Round Hull Run this Sunday, probably starting early in the dark so I don't finish too late in the day.

My initial aim with this one was to make the route true to its name and keep outside built-up areas (on farmland paths and tracks mostly). However, to keep the length down I’m going to cut through West Hull suburb villages and towns – not strictly Hull so I think that’s fair enough.... etc. 

But, I wasn't entirely happy with that, and decided to truly maximise the 'orbit of the city' idea I started with I've changed the route a bit avoiding suburbs of Hull in the west and taking in the Wolds-edge countryside paths around Ferriby, Welton to Skidby. And I've reclaimed the extra distance that would have cost me as I'm now going to start on the loop rather than running from Home, north 2.5m and then starting the loop (with the same at the end).

Rough plan is to start from Wawne, run paths and tracks to and through Swine, minor road to Coniston, across field paths to edge Bilton and a short road section and more field-edge to Preston (thats still in East Yorkshire for the out-of-town viewers). Follow an old green road to edge Hull and then join a long straight ex-railway path to journey through much of Hull parallel to Hedon road. Head south to hit the river and run along Alexandra and Victoria dock paths which is probably the most scenic bit of urban running on route. And hopefully some nice river views if I stick to my timings and hit this section at around sunrise.

Across the marina and passed the old docks. Unfortunately no avoiding using A63-side path south of the city... which has no south. A small price to pay and adds to the variety. Into Hessle and the first hill on route to go into town for a mid run meal of some kind. Then take the riverside - if path is passable - or road route to Ferriby and into the plantations over the hills to Welton on the Wolds Way route. Skirt Welton and through beautiful Welton dale and follow footpaths rolling over hills and the long track to Skidby.

Through Skidby and north on field edge paths towards Risby and across the A164 and more farmers field edge paths over towards the big power sub-station north of Cottingham. Across the railway line and under the A1079 and a green road into Dunswell. Dog-leg down the river Hull to cross at Kingswood and back up the bank to finish in Wawne.

Then I think a beer and a takeaway may be in order. I've even hopfully got some company for the whole distance, which is great and will help the hard miles fly by. Happy days

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